Agency life

To discover: projects that do good.

Brands are active for education, for health, for living things, for purchasing power, for eating well, for housing for all, for lots of good things. And we are there to help them develop their actions and make them known to whom it may concern.

So yes, we were already doing a lot of CSR projects before, but in the next world, it accelerates. Spotlight on our last 3 favorites.

1. Live for Good

Targeted impact: Change the face of entrepreneurship.

Concretely: An acceleration program for “social entrepreneurs”; those who innovate to change things. Whether they democratize access to property through a principle of micro-investment, make construction less polluting by creating new materials or even allow homeless people to become baristas… Their ideas deserve to see the light of day! And Live for Good is here for that. The association also allows those who already have a well-established business to skip the second.

Seenk wanted to reveal the resolutely altruistic DNA of Live for Good through a colorful identity.

Deliverables: Brand platform, visual and editorial identity, communication campaign.

2. Act on bio-necessity by VINCI Construction Terrassement

Targeted impact: Act for the living.

Concretely: This is the new approach of the VINCI Construction Terrassement group, which aims to raise awareness, train, equip and encourage all of its employees to implement concrete positive biodiversity actions on each of its sites. Adaptation of the design of projects to protect what already exists, relocation and then re-establishment of species, selection of virtuous partners, involvement of local residents… There are no small actions, only great victories!

Just launched in May 2020 on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day, the approach will be deployed over several years internally and then externally. A scientific committee made up of around fifteen experts, including the Museum of Natural History, LPO and AgroParisTech, has been set up to validate and support its implementation. Co-built with field operations and top management, and made available in open-source, it is aimed at all those who want to change the lines.

Deliverables: Naming, visual identity, drafting of commitments, identification of concrete actions, communication plan and deployment of tools.

3. Vertigo by PLAY International

Targeted impact: Running for others.

Concretely: No, it's not a Hitchcock film. Vertigo is the vertical race of the NGO PLAY international. The challenge: to climb the highest tower in France as quickly as possible for a good cause. Usually, employees of Ile-de-France companies meet for this sporting moment. This year, social distancing obliges, the race is transformed into a connected challenge. So how can we show that we can run together, even from a distance, and always encourage more employees to sprain each other for others? By diverting the communication visuals that we had planned to launch! Or when the diversion becomes the message.

Seenk is proud to have participated on numerous occasions in raising awareness of Vertigo and to support Play international since almost always.

Deliverables: Message strategy, brand content.