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What counts for: Elodie Bonnefoi

What counts for: Elodie Bonnefoi

Artistic direction is necessarily essential when doing strategic design… We asked Elodie, DA Senior, what she thought of it. And she revealed her secret to us: a clever mix of consistency, accuracy and passion!

What is your position at the agency?

I am artistic director. And from time to time I turn into an illustrator. I also did a bit of animation - actually I'm more of a Swiss Army Knife, but that's what I like!

Concretely, what is your role, and why is it important for your clients?

My role is to shape an idea, to sublimate it so that it takes on its full meaning in the final phase of a project. For this, the upstream process is very important. Before any creative research, it is necessary to determine the stakes and to understand precisely the expectations, in order to respond in the fairest way. Aiming at the target and satisfying the customer means first asking the right questions to adopt the right approach.

The project by Seenk that matters most to you?

The agency had to design the entire strategy to eventise the opening of a design school in Calcutta, India. This is not a brand per se, but to think of a large-scale launch with a teasing and a reveal. It's super stimulating. We were able to invest the street with creations painted on the walls of the city, to carry out a total covering of subways and trams - without forgetting a communication on the RS in parallel. The objective was to challenge, to question, all while being in situ. I had the chance to work on this project when I arrived at Seenk: making illustrations and typographies, reproduced by hand. Design is not just digital: rediscovering the manual dimension is very pleasant.

What is essential for a brand according to you?

Just aim! A brand must know how to reinvent itself and tell its story. Storytelling is extremely important in order to take consumers into its universe. Pretty pubs, that's good ... but an ad that makes sense and that is consistent in its development, it's better! For me, a brand has won everything when you want to follow it over time.

Your favorite brand experience, the one that for you is helping to change the world?

These days, the Covid has changed the way we work. Brands had to adapt to events. Reinvent their creation and production process. Some try to wobbly things, others let themselves be carried away by the movement. This is the case of Zara, who, for her last P / E2020 season campaign, invited the models to take pictures of themselves at home, in their daily life. No makeup artist, no hairdresser, no decor that makes you salivate. Just people, at home. Simple. This is a brand: being close to people, living with the times.

Working at Seenk doesn't count for butter! Why ?

Here, we trust each other. I have been DA at Seenk for a few months, but I have already been able to meet several clients. It sounds simple, but it's so nice! And we are located in the heart of Paris, in the 11th district. Just that !