Key moment # 2:
The strategic shift

Essential moment # 2: The strategic shift

Hello Tanguy! A large group that is launching a BtoC brand,
does that speak to you?

We have been working with the VINCI group for a long time, and in particular with VINCI Autoroutes. It was at the time of the arrival of “free flow” in France, the very beginning of barrier-free tolls - in any case the first thoughts: from a brand point of view, who carries the offer? How do we talk about it? What posture do we adopt? Many questions… especially since the motorway sector is sometimes difficult to understand, for example not everyone knows that electronic tolls are managed by different operators.

So there is a traffic jam of questions ...

VINCI Autoroutes already had a beta application dedicated to free flow: Leap and its kangaroo mascot. But at the same time, there is also the desire to create a brand to boost electronic toll collection, with loyalty. Plus the idea of ​​enriching Radio VINCI Autoroutes with personalized content to make journeys more fun. VINCI Autoroutes must obviously also be present. We are starting to see the eco-system, but we do not yet have the scenario.

That's a lot of brands, that ...

We do lots of tests in this direction, with names, logos, visual universes ... but nothing really works, we can't find the idea that makes everyone agree, we revolve around blue / white / red VINCI without succeeding. And time is running out: summer is fast approaching, which is the high point for sales of electronic toll badges.

And there is the seesaw!

There was this meeting where at one point the customer clicked: a single brand that carries everything, a brand focused on user, truly BtoC. VINCI Autoroutes has never done that, it is a daring choice. And for us too, this is the click created: we abandon blue / white / red for orange, we explore much simpler and more accessible paths, with minimalist and friendly illustrations, we are really getting closer to the target in the design, in the words, in the brand posture. It's a small revolution but at the same time it's obvious and we are going all out.

That's it, Ulys was born?

“Making the journey as important as the destination” is the idea. Ulys makes life easier for users with the promise of increased mobility. It's a bit like the brand of which you are the hero, with all the services that make your trip simpler, smoother, richer. Hence the concept, the hero of the Odyssey, human intelligence in the face of hazards.

Everything is perfect then!

Except that the strategic shift takes place in June, just before the big departures! We have a month to complete everything: secure the name, finalize the design, deploy on media, carry out a communication campaign… It's the race. We spend an ultra intense month, we create the brand from A to Z in a few weeks, but in the end we reach our destination in time and hours. Tired but proud. So it was we who really needed a vacation.

End of the trip?

Ulys is a brand in full evolution. The free flow is not yet released that other challenges arrive, such as carpooling, with the creation of areas dedicated to strategic motorway junctions. It just goes to show that the trip is far from over!