The art of finding common ground.

The art of finding common ground.
Is it still possible to reach unanimity in 2019? 

The beauty of sport from a strategic planning perspective.

For Bruno Cremonesi, National Secretary of the SNEP (National Syndicate of Physical Education), sport can be appreciated visually just like a work of art. It is a human creation whose practice is full of creativity. The fluidity of the movement, the technicality of the gestures and the beauty of the body in action make it a real aesthetic spectacle.

There is a form of beauty in sport that is almost calming. Charles Pepin, referring to Kant, highlights the feeling of harmony that comes from beauty – harmony with oneself and harmony with others. A feeling that encourages us to act with grace, or in other words, to be grateful and positive about what is available to us.

For Kant, beauty makes everyone agree, starting with ourselves. It puts an end to our internal conflicts without our having to think about it. In front of the beautiful, opinions are silent to give way to the general truth: "it is beautiful". Who would object to the idea that a sunset is breathtaking?

Aesthetic pleasure brings a truce in the conflict. That is why it does us so much good. Are we not talking about "the beauty of sport"? An aesthetic pleasure allowing us to forget our differences and to celebrate the meeting with others? We can therefore understand Pierre de Coubertin's desire to make the Olympic Games a symbol of universal peace.

In these times of generalized doubts, cherishing the esthete in us and increasing the number of beautiful encounters is vital. As Charles Pépin indicates, beauty "gives us the strength to love what is, at the same time as that to hope for what could be".

Uncovering beauty to bring people together. This is also reminiscent, it seems, of the profession of designer.