You can’t win them all – or can you?

You can’t win them all – or can you?
When everything divides us, what are the signs that bring us together today? French national identity - oh precious sesame of the cohesion and solidarity of our beautiful nation - is suffering. Behind her, more conflicts than reasons to love each other. France from above vs. France from below, rejection of policies, polarization of opinions ...

What divides us is multiplied, what brings us together "in joy" is rare. Latest event to date: July 15, 2018, final of the Football World Cup, 19,3 million French people celebrating, in "cohesion"!

Only sport (or almost) today plays this role of “unifier of a nation”. Champions are heroes and preempt the symbol of collective victory. With them, we forget our dissent, our social or cultural differences, we share our preferences: “go to the Blues” for all!

His secret? Bring back to today's tastes and into the hands of all that which truly symbolizes us and has always been. Respect for others, solidarity, team spirit. In a society losing its bearings, that feels good. It’s sporting events that make flags fly on balconies, not elections. They put more blue on faces than July 14 - a shame. In fact, if sport is so powerfully effective, it is also due to the bankruptcy of other cultural fields. Cuisine, fashion, language, architecture: globalization dilutes the markers. This is also the case for value systems: nation, religion, work or even family no longer structure as much.

All victories have their heralds. Following the example of heraldry, designer of yesteryear, marking a set of values ​​by federating and signifying them was the role of these upholsterers of signs. It is the “Gagnons Ensemble” gesture of Paris 2024… much more than a simple logo, a rallying sign that everyone can appropriate. Paris 2024 or French 2024? It's the #FiersDetreBleu hashtag, used over 1,6 million times during the competition! It is the Place de l'Étoile, renamed for a moment " "Place aux Deux Étoiles" by Volkswagen and betting site Parions Sport as a play on words to reflect France’s two World Cup wins in XNUMX and XNUMX. Paris’ metro system changed some of its stations’ names to become athlete-related puns (Victor Hugo Lloris!). It's the Mona Lisa herself couldn’t escape the celebrations.

Good news: all this is not about to stop! Shared, the moments that bring us together become precious. This is perhaps what explains the success of the organization of sporting events in Terre Bleue. After the Basketball World Cup in 2015, the Euro football in 2016, the Hand World Cup in 2017, France will continue with the Women's World Cup in 2019, rugby in 2023 ... then the Olympics in 2024.

France continues to thrill us by hosting these competitions.

These positive egregores are the symbols that bring us together; they manifest themselves through signs of recognition, they are embodied in our memories as if to keep tangible a fleeting but intense event, a collective joy that we must perpetuate so as not to give way to everything that divides us … A single watchword sticks to our sneakers: freedom, equality, design! And long live sport!