Paris 2024:
what we would have loved to do.

Paris 2024: what we would have loved to do.
It’s impossible to you missed the unveiling of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games logo, designed by Royalties Ecobranding. Their efforts deserve our warmest congratulations, but like our friends over at Graphéine, we also tried our hand at designing an emblem.

In this creative spirit, we would love to see more agencies sharing their endeavors in a bid to gain a podium place. It’s the taking part that counts, after all.

Olympic Spirit, are you there?

The Olympic Games haven’t always been smooth sailing. From the displacement of entire slums in preparation for Rio 2016 to a threefold increase in security costs for London 3, as well as economic collapse in post-Athens 2012, sometimes the ball gets dropped. Is that the Games’ fault? Regardless, the Olympics have a positive role to play that continues with each year: a symbol of international peace and collaboration. In our design, we strove to embody this idea of universal progress.

There’s no I in team.

The games, through its sporting ethos and spirit, symbolize a movement that is both individual and collective, with men and women from all walks of life come together under a universal vision. We have tried to conceive of Paris in the same way. What characterizes the City of Lights? The answer is in the question. Brimming with ideas and effervescence, Paris is the spark of all creative potential.

We simply strove to bring the movement to life with an identity that was not observed, but lived, providing to the public a real-life experience of the Games. With each new appearance, a new form is revealed, reflecting a logo that is both unique and plural, defined but not definitive.

Taking part also counts! …but that’s not all. It also applies to the way in which we wanted to invite young creatives to work with the agency. This identity won’t come alive for another six years, but who better than them to envisage what the design world will be like in 6? For this occasion, 2024 students from Keetle, the École intuit.lab’s junior enterprise, worked with our teams to share their vision of the Games. To fit our ethos of literally putting the identity of the Olympic Games in people's hands, we created a logo generator, to give all French people, citizens of the world, and athletes from all walks of life the opportunity to create their own. Become a part of the Games, make them your own, share them: The ball is in your court.