Seenk creates the digital showcase of Naval Group


Design and build the digital showcase of a world leader

Naval Group, world giant in naval defense, wanted to completely overhaul its website, so that it projects an image and an experience that matches its position and its ambition. Seenk was entrusted with the creation of this digital showcase, essential to the influence of Naval Group among all its stakeholders.

Rethinking architecture 

This global overhaul is based on 4 fundamental objectives which guided the intervention: the corporate culture around collective pride, the innovation necessary to design these products among the most complex ever made by man, the commitments made by the company on matters of responsibility, and the international dimension.

This shared approach has resulted in the overall restructuring of the site's architecture as well as the evolution or creation of content. Entries by type of user (employees, journalists, candidates, etc.) have been created, as well as by country sites.
Interactions with users have been multiplied to promote engagement, as well as connections between pages to encourage exploration of the entire Naval Group eco-system.



A container that enhances the content

The design system created is intended to be modular, can easily be adapted to the different content offered and can be deployed quickly. The permutations and combinations of pages are endless, thanks to a rational and functional system of modules and objects.

For the navigation experience and visual creation, the challenge was to favor dynamism and fluidity in the feeling, to think of a container in the service of content, while affirming the very characteristic graphic identity.



A site that has follow

Through the ultra-collaborative approach, closer to the needs and users, which has led to the creation of an extremely modular and scalable site, the technical infrastructure chosen, and the technical development carried out by our partner Ecedi, also support the resilience of the site to allow it to consider future developments under the best conditions.




  • Strategy
  • Brand & Market analysis
  • Insights research
  • Change Management
  • UX/UI
  • Website
  • Workshops
  • Guidelines & Toolkits
  • Design system