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Lionel Causse, new Creative Director of the Seenk agency.

Lionel Causse, new Creative Director of the Seenk agency

The independent agency Seenk, specialized in strategic design, today announces the appointment of Lionel Causse as Creative Director. With nearly thirty years of experience in many areas of expertise, Lionel Causse will help bring new skills to the agency in line with the new vision of Seenk.

Vincent Desmet, Deputy General Manager of the Seenk agency, declares:

We are really delighted, with Clément Derock and Frédéric Lalande, to welcome Lionel to lead the creation of the agency. His career in structures of a great diversity of trades, sizes and clients is already transforming our way of approaching subjects and widening the scope of our possibilities. His experience, as well as his sensitivity and his sense of the team, will federate our different expertise so that the strategies and creations that we offer to brands are all the more virtuous, in this agency format that characterizes us, short & expert. Finally, his knowledge of the new challenges that brands must respond to today, by questioning their real peculiarities and what can count for their stakeholders, accelerates the implementation of our agency vision.

Lionel Causse:

My creative direction aims to decompartmentalize the methods and trades of Design. Everyone goes beyond their function because they feel invested in the same idea and therefore provide a unique response. The concept then becomes fundamental to inspire a global artistic direction in all creative freedom. For example, our UX / UI designers create graphic territories and logos, design-writing is integrated very early on in the creative process so that the formulation of the idea is the basis of its visual translation. It may seem obvious, but today few design agencies have the configuration and the state of mind to achieve it.

We are also very close to our customers because we humbly believe that the truth results from listening and sharing. The time for arrogant and lesson-giving agencies is over.