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Seenk turns 20: a new
strategic vision, Vincent Desmet appointed to General Management

Seenk turns 20: a new strategic vision, Vincent Desmet appointed to General Management

The independent agency, founded in 2000 by Clément Derock and Frédéric Lalande, specializing in strategic design celebrates its XNUMXth anniversary this year. Two decades of supporting the change of identity of organizations in an increasingly digital world. Two decades that allow Seenk to make an obvious observation: this fast-moving world is in search of meaning and sustainability. It is on the basis of this observation and the evolution of the needs of brands and their customers, that the agency now offers a new strategic look at its business to continue to engage alongside them: reinvesting quest for meaning to better express the difference of brands by shaping them an identity that embodies the quintessence of their value.

To support this new vision, Vincent Desmet takes over the general management of Seenk. After 16 years spent in the agency, his mission is now to embody and transmit this vision to employees and all stakeholders. He will also develop the agency's activity by integrating new skills through experts and partners, and the implementation of new working methods, which are even more agile and more collaborative.

Vincent Desmet, in charge of Seenk's general management, expresses this new strategic vision :

“Today we live in a world where the past fades, the present is agitated and the future questions. In this context, brands also have a societal role to play to serve as indicators, benchmarks ... but the more speeches, images and symbols multiply, the more their meaning is lost. The company must reinvent itself and explore new horizons to meet this need for meaning, inherent in people. Responding to competition and investing in the trend is no longer enough.

Faced with noise, the attention crisis and the headlong rush, Seenk opposes the all too often incidental essentials: what makes sense, what matters and what lasts. Today more than ever, the brands of the future are the ones that have found the right direction. Those who develop a clear and cohesive vision, a fair and true story that deserves a continuation.

It is to respond to this reality that at Seenk, we have become as much strategists as designers. Strategists attached to the concrete, to signs and to their meaning to build lasting markers. Designers sensitive to the sense that guides the brand to their history and to the way it wishes to fit into our times. Our sole mission is to support brands in order to give meaning to their lives and that of their customers. ”

Seenk Manifesto

The world changes. Nothing new. It has always changed and will continue to do so.

On the other hand, what we observe is that it has never changed so quickly. Everything is accelerating. Some balances are shaken by progressiveness, others by the search for the absolute. Each new generation strives to get rid of its past, but its need for benchmarks is always present.

However, the race is the one that will fill all the spaces, continuously feed the flow, adapt to each gesture of the competitors, jump on each new trend… will react without aim.

Result ? Everyone gesticulates at a loss, runs very fast without always knowing where to go and tinkers without building anything.

What moves companies is the stories that deserve a follow-up, clear and cohesive visions, fair and lasting forms of expression. The brand has the power to illuminate everyday simplicity if it builds a clear, salient and lasting story and markers. It can also offer a renewed vision of the world and open new doors capable of inspiring our actions and bringing together the greatest number. Basically, it is the inexpressible share of history that brands carry that makes us adhere to it.

Without being a vector of meaning, a brand does not mark anything. Without a solid base, no building can go very high.

Faced with the crisis of attention, the flight of the next day, the loss of markers, we prefer what lasts and prospers. These symbols and images are stories that we need to believe. They are often subject to the meaning that we sometimes lack without even noticing.

It is up to us to recast our imaginations and shape new points of support.

That's why we call ourselves strategic designers. We put problem solving at the heart of our business. We design meaningful solutions before giving them shape.

Let us ask ourselves where we are going before we rush there.

The design will guide the drawing, the meaning the signs, the message, the medium.

Let us take a step back, explore what unites, weave the narrative thread that brings brands to life to see how far it can lead us. The future remains to be made, the present to be questioned.

Let’s focus on what really matters.

'Make it Matter'