ManoMano gets
an overhaul.

Mano Mano redone its decoration (without Valérie Damidot)!

ManoMano’s mission statement is to bring its colorful touch to the monochrome world of home improvement. Wave goodbye to suspiciously perfect Instagram-ready interiors – no one really lives in those houses anyway. ManoMano hands you the keys to fearlessly try out new things – as long as it reflects the true you. Their motto? “Faites comme VOUS voulez” (“Do as YOU please”).

Enter Seenk: From strategy and brand architecture to visual and editorial identity, we renovated ManoMano from the basement to the attic, setting the brand apart in the sterile world of home improvement. Say hello to bright colors, off-kilter photography, and slogans that jump off the page to unleash and celebrate the energy of hard work (not to mention your own creativity!)

All this hard work paid off: our ManoMano manifesto – now available on all the best social networks – was nominated for the best identity reveal in the DIY category.