Work and
a lot of love.


Concoct the visual and editorial identity of Quitoquein its mission to reconnect consumers with the pleasure of cooking by creating a visual identity and editorial line that gets to the heart through the stomach.

Naval Group

Naming support, full branding, communication tools, innovation hub: Naval Group new wind in its sails with a name change, XNUMX branding, communication tools, and innovation hub.


Le VINCI Group has always been our partner ... Together, a long collaboration on various issues for Axians, Eurovia or even the Leonard propective and innovation platform.

BNP Paribas

After the identity and brand architecture of the group, support for subsidiaries and the We Are Tennis program, here is the creation of the brand Hello Bank! : say hello to the first bank that talks to its customers.


New positioningfor consistency meet performance, new editorial vision and a collaborative hacking of the brand's visuals.


No bark, all bite: The sportswear legend Lacoste has lost none of its bite: it has a modernized logo and a brand book to match its exceptional heritage.

Roland Garros

Raise the identity base, dress up the digital purchasing journey, create a common graphic repository to match the legend and its audiences.

Pl4y International

Renaming, branding, communication media and campaigns, events… Or how to boost the impact of a humanitarian cause.

Prêt à pousser

When a start-up is ready to grow, it sets up a brand platform and achieves a a dynamic unveiling video .

Dassault Aviation

How to reflect the excellence and the requirement of a French flagship? By modernizing and strengthening its excellence.

Khaitan & co

One of the largest law firms in New Delhi pleads for boldness with a new logo and a digital visual identity first.

French Karate Federation and Associated Disciplines

Reinforcing the link between past, present and future requires a logo punch. Literally. And the visual universe that goes with it.

France China Committee

How to promote French innovation in China? With a striking film at the heart of a Mandarin roadshow. Niao!

Société Générale

The design of bank cards, the identity of the Sobrio offer and the loyalty program Le Cashback loyalty program.

VINCI Autoroutes

Ulys, a new brand with a 360° launch campaign put the smart travel and toll collection innovator on the road to success.


Have you ever created a Web site using ? If so, you may well have used a template made by Seenk.


Voiture & Co is making a new start: positioning, naming, visual identity and graphic charter to move forward.

Les Maisons du Voyage

We helped Les Maisons du Voyage stand above the fray in an arena filled with cookie-cutter competitors peddling the same message.


Modernize the image of an independent world leader in commodity trading, by creating brand architecture, identitiesand identity building blocks.

Walters People

When you are an international leader in recruitment, you have to make it known with a real brand, from the brand idea to the logo through to digital applications.


FoodChéri's UX / UI makes ordering takeout a true delight.


Logo facelift and typographic work: it rolls for the yellow jersey of high-end bicycle components!


Support in the service of the general interest - or more precisely of an inter-professional organization bringing together a large number of players in the sport economy.


A new eye on optics: a visual identity and a signature which affirms "A shared vision" with customers and partners.


A simple name and a universal identity, accompanied by a fluid UX / UI design: like the French Paypal.


The European leader in security secures its future. On the program: ambitious positioning, signature, brand platform, graphic charter and media.

Crédit Mutuel

A brand image you can take all the way to the bank: From ATM card visuals to a complete graphic charter, we gave CM-CIC Asset Management and CM-CIC a profitable refresh.


Architecture, identity, site, print media, branded film and communication campaign… Fransat becomes a real BtoC brand!


All the print and digital tools necessary to drive as close as possible to automotive professionals.


Little space to communicate and cluttered points of sale? PMU makes itself visible thanks to a dynamic display and an uninhibited tone.


How to remain completely coherent on his multiple speeches? With a brand book to help everyone to appropriate the brand codes!


Increase brand heritage Castoramais doing a bit of home improvement, with Seenk lending a hand to elevate its brand heritage by ensuring brand management and redesigning its website.

La Banque Postale

We streamlined La Banque Postale's practical graphic charter and editorial style to better embody its new image.


Aäsgard creates the spark: lifted logo, signature, visual and editorial style… A brand new brand experience for the Scandinavian stove.

Saint Gobain

We crafted the brand for Homly you , the app that finds the right handyman for all your most important jobs.


" Do as you wish " : ManoMano gives the world of DIY a much-needed fresh coat of paint with a singular strategy and eye-catching identity.


Towards infinity and beyond: brand idea, graphic identity, editorial style and support for change.


When Elior rethinks its brand, it is not by halves: architecture, visual identity and graphic charter, typography, corporate film, brand center and brand management.


Creation of films, including the corporate presentation and graphic design of the RATP stand at trade shows: branding across the board.


We put our heads together to conceptualize guides, materials and tools for both print and digital.


To keep pace with the development of home care services, Azae is giving its brand a bit of TLC, with a new name, visual identity, and TV campaign.

Dassault Systèmes

Reflection on the brand architecture, the graphic and audiovisual charter, the typography and a film produced for this global player in software publishing.


We designed the Platinum pamphlet and provided Mastercard support for its consumer-facing needs.

VINCI Construction

Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI Construction France, ActivSkeen, Plendi, Beyond... Elaborating new brands and helping existing ones grow to deepen a relationship based on trust.


We went shoulder to shoulder with Solocal to accelerate its leadership and power its transformation into the foremost local BtoB service brand, along with the naming of its Ooreka subsidiary.

Comité Champagne

Every story begins with a name, and carries on with an identity. And when the two work hand in hand perfectly? Bring out the champagne!


Going from phone to mouse: challenge met with a new brand promise, embodied by a smiling signature and visual identity.

Mutualité Française

Bold branding! Mutualité Française chooses the strongest visual identity and the iconographic principle that goes with it.


Seenk supports the group with several print media, including an Ibis guide for the external and a logo for the internal. The perfect accor (d).


Individuals, professionals, young people, premium customers… creation of a series of à la carte designs for LCL.


Artengo et Inesis ? We gave Decathlon's golfing and tennis in-house brands distinctive logos and overarching visual universes. Spot them on golf courses and tennis courts near you!


The European leader in investment capital has a new site… and an editorial strategy to support its ambitions.

Crédit Agricole

We created the Kwixo brand, digital implementation support for Square Habitat, and designed visuals for bank cards.


When you're one of the world's IT leaders like Atos, you have to have a your site's UX and UI exemplary in terms of UX and UI.


We backed the brand (and its sub-brands) in a rehaul and implementation of its visual identity, riding with them through the long haul.

Air Liquide

To be down to earth for Air Liquide? It's about building PPT masks together and helping teams use them well.


To become even more universal, the Routard simplifies its name and adopts a new composition for its famous blankets.


When Valéo launches its first BtoC product, the brand is necessarily the key to the identity and the communication campaign.


Social networks are key to connecting with audiences, and a dedicated brand content strategy and branded videos are key.


Optimizing the identity of the brands and ensuring consistency through a brand center and a graphic charter: a project that has been successful.


Phyigital first with the creation of the Xelians identity and its Web site… as well as its exhibition stands.


With our communication tools, dynamic displays, brand activation, guides, and brochures, we put SNCF's on track.

Banque Populaire

Some popular creations: credit card visuals, relationship marketing, app icons, billboards, animated banners, digital signage guide, etc.


When Taittinger does his World Cup on social networks, there's no question of bubbling: it's champagne on the strategy side as on the creation side.

Live for Good

Your project can change the world. This is the message of Live For Good's message, which it broadcasts loud and clear through its new brand platform, visual identity and editorial guidelines.


We invented Miss Maaf and a typography pack, provided support for the implementation of the charter, and activated the launch.

1001 Vies Habitat

A house becomes a home with the creation of 1001 lives Habitat for French Housing, to focus as much on inhabitants as on housing.


We created the new packaging for Kenzo's iconic Flower fragrance.

Global Champions League

When one of the most prestigious equine competitions in the world wants to make films, she takes the plunge with Seenk.


We gave Eco-Mobilier a cohesive proprietary logo and typography, supported by a graphic charter and brand platform, as well as labels and office usages.


You can't miss a Darty store, and we may have had a hand in that by coming up with a visual identity, backed by brand management tools that help ensure consistency.


VeePee takes it up a notch with an industry leader-worthy rework of its logo, brand direction, graphic charter and proprietary typography.


The little French studio that could has proven that it can, with a bit of help form our new typography, graphic charter, and brand video.

Veuve Clicquot

The mission: Helping a grand dame stand out while respecting the brand's heritage. Our solution: a new logotype, typography and visual applications for Veuve Clicquot.


How do you follow in an iconic brand's footsteps Palladium ? You rehaul its identity by exploring new branding territories.


How to best embody community involvement, innovation and mastery in the real estate sector? By giving Marignan a branding commensurate with the quality of its commitment.


Car parks became a bit more radiant with our brand platform, visual identity and brand management support for Indigo.


The design of the Fnac High Tech and Fnac Kids packs on the concept of "craftology", the Fnac-Darty logo and the graphic charter that goes with it.


Brand identity, golf sponsorship identity, creation of StationOne by Alstom: the beginning of a long-term relationship with a mobility giant.

La Française des Jeux

La Française des Jeux has a recognizable tone of voice, which we helped the national lottery operator communicate clearly using a quiver of brand management tools.


Commit, dare, positively, imagine, create: new Sopic identity with a declined logo and a reveal video.