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Elevated building together


VINCI, essentially, is a gathering of entrepreneurs who built a monument based a foundation of their respective expertise. Seenk contributed to the edifice by supporting the construction of this extended family throughout its development across a wide variety of brand axes.

Branding & Engineering

The identity of one of the world leaders in construction and transport infrastructures has to find its roots in solid brand foundations, a global and local vision of challenges, and a thorough knowledge of trades and their synergies.

The very relationship between Vinci and Seenk had to be based on a robust, durable bedrock of rallying tropes adaptable to various business units, and capable of building unified (yet not boring) identities, brick by brick.

Ingenious branding for an engineering genius

VINCI's activities are at the heart of the transformation of cities and territories. Seenk has helped VINCI bring to life brands such as ActivSkeen (an energy-efficient building envelope), Urbalia (a biodiversity and urban agriculture consulting firm), and Leonard (the Group’s innovation and foresight platform), among other far-reaching projects, each one different than the last – and the next. So tag along and get on the ground floor of our next construction projects.