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Making the journey
as important
as the destination

The wind beneath your wings

To support VINCI Autoroutes in its aim to make life easier for motorists, Seenk created an identity for the group’s new brand, to communicate a heightened mobility experience.

Ulys pulls out all the stops

Designed to simplify, streamline and enrich the driving experience, Ulys' mission is to make the journey as important as the destination. What better way than to draw from a universal allegory to communicate the virtues of a range of services including a carpooling platform, real-time traffic information, a road sign search engine, a database of products available at rest stops, and even an awards program? Named Ulys after the Latinized spelling for Odysseus, the new brand identity invites you to choose your own adventure through every step of your journey.

After all, the hero of Homer's poem embodies human intelligence in the face of the challenges and hazards of travel. We designed a graphic territory articulated around the color yellow, a symbol of clement weather and the sun shining over a smooth driving experience. Illustrations help reinforce the brand's human, informative dimension. The visual identity and copy are reassuring for travelers looking for a trouble free, breezy getaway.

Time to hit the pavement!

Just in time for the summer holidays, Seenk created all the components of an ambitious communication device: Radio ads, TV sponsorships, roadside billboards, and activations in rest stops heralded the arrival of a new player in the mobility space – from snowy peaks to sandy beaches.