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In Pole Position

Founded in 2000 to help small businesses grow through an online marketing platform, Solocal has grown quite a bit itself. To accelerate its leadership in the crowded digital market, Seenk helped Solocal make the transition from a corporate company to a service brand with a simple and clear message.

Easy Peasy.

Solocal helps businesses grow without the growing pains. The brand offers easy-to-use tools, along with proximity to its customers. This frees the brand from the pitfalls of unnecessary artifice, leading with a shade of blue that communicates serenity, seriousness, and digital-first vocabulary free of jargon.

Making a leader

How does one get a foothold in the international digital player crowd? Seenk's solution: a simpler, more immediate positioning that brings Solocal closer to its customers, as a true partner of entrepreneurs in their business development. The result? An accessible, direct and fuss-free brand that embodies all the efficiency of a French champion in local digital services.

Speak like the locals

To ensure consistency across the brand's messaging, Seenk designed its digital brand book, the entirety of its digital UI, its audiovisual charter and brand language charter. To top it off, we told the story of this rebirth through a reveal video, available on all devices.