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Bring the myth to life beyond the stadium

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A unique tournament in the world, an emblematic place, exceptional champions who competed there, Roland-Garros is undoubtedly a moment in the year not to be missed. With the participation of Seenk, Roland-Garros has also become a brand in its own right, with its values, its signs, its style and a global experience to make us vibrate outside the stadium.

Land of identity

When we think of Roland-Garros, we think of very strong identity signs: ocher and green colors, a logo, architecture, atmosphere and a unique style in the stadium. Seenk is inspired by this sober and authentic universe to give the logo a facelift, create simplified versions, proprietary typographies, a collection branding system… A global approach to identity to extend the experience at each point of contact .

The story continues

Whether it is by creating the TV look, the graphic and ergonomic design of the official site or the ticketing site which received the Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport in 2015 and a Top Com from Bronze Corporate in 2016, Seenk has ensured from the perfect embodiment of the brand's values ​​down to the smallest detail.