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Bringing the joy back into cooking

Foodtech's New Head Chef

How many of us strive to eat a delicious, varied, and balanced diet – but would rather avoid standing in line at supermarket checkouts? That is exactly why Quitoque's invented the home-delivered, ready-to-cook meal kit. After a successful debut and subsequent acquisition by the Carrefour group, the start-up served up its plat de resistance: a three-star rebranding that aims right for the taste buds. Soup’s on!

The taste of simplicity

When you only know three and a half recipes, you never have the right products, always too much or not enough vegetables… eating well is complicated. Good products, fresh and in season, delivered at home with recipes and good quantities: Quitoque gives us back "The power to eat well!" ". Beyond practicality, the brand re-enchants everyday life, helps us get out of the routine, rediscover the pleasure of sharing. In a nutshell: empowerment, summed up in a brand platform with small onions.

Free the Tastebuds!

The fun, simple identity we came up with promises to make dinner preparation easy as pie. The overarching graphic identity expresses freshness, freedom and the pleasures of eating well. Amen.

No mincing, just words

Quitoque is as tasty as it is tasteful, and Seenk brought this identity to life with an editorial charter that puts healthy eating first and foremost. With common sense, sincerity, and an infectious sense of humor as its foundation, the charter allows the slightly off-kilter brand's communication to maintain a sense of spontaneity, from starter to dessert.