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Keeping the spirit of
exploration alive into the 21st Century 

From the French Foreign Legion's official footwear to a mainstay of 60s underground New York, not to mention an essential accessory of the XNUMXs Acid House movement, Palladium shoes have always had a tribe to call home.
While it survived through the endless rotation of trends, Palladium saw its sales fall steadily, due to the absence of a deep, long-lasting attachment to the brand. To revive the iconic boots, Seenk took a plunge into the house's history to better help it keep with the times.

Keep Exploring

The different communities that made the shoe their own have one thing in common: They all followed the call of unknown territories. To keep the myth alive, Palladium was outfitted with a new positioning that better speaks to urban explorers.

In order to revive young urban dwellers' desire for discovery, a territory was designed around a leitmotiv: “Dare the Unknown”. A bold new typography, engaging messages and a retail concept intended as an urban playground served as an invitation to step into the unknown.