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Change the face

Business is (not just) business

Undertake, succeed, be successful… yes! But not like before! Entrepreneurship becomes (also) social. Live for Good is determined to help this new generation of entrepreneurs succeed in a different way. To stand out in this promising but populous universe, Seenk has made the resolutely altruistic DNA of Live for Good an unparalleled force. It pays to have a heart.

Luck smiles on you

By doing positive discrimination, Live for Good is reaching out to young people who could not access entrepreneurship. A smiley hidden in a logo, a round and warm typeface, colorful shapes: signs of contagious positive energy intended to help all young people to unleash their potential!

To find one's way

At Live for Good, the person always comes before the project. The teams bend over backwards so that everyone can find their way. We needed the words to express it. Result: a liberating tone that invites everyone to dare. You have an idea ? Go for it!

Seenk also supported the association in its recruitment campaign. At Live for Good, no discriminating criteria at entry. So to encourage young people to take the plunge and get started, we wanted to remove the barriers that we impose on ourselves and that prevent us from moving forward. No more excuses for not letting your ideas fly away.