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Transforming the parking lot
into a Mobility Hub

New car smell

Indoor parking lots evoke images of a depressingly-lit place to park your car (if, by chance, you can find a spot.) They can even be squarely enraging.
Cool your engines: Indigo, the world's leading provider of parking and personal mobility solutions, is aiming to change this perception, and to live up to the brand's ambitions, Seenk sought out to highlight the positive sides of parking lots. Fasten your seatbelts.

We reinvented the parking lot

Our challenge was to change the image of the car park by positioning it not as mere car storage, but as a springboard to take you to your next destination. In keeping with its dynamic name, Indigo defines itself as an agile brand that facilitates individual mobility by connecting users to everything the city has to offer.

Your personal co-pilot

Whenever you find yourself behind the wheel of a car, the first order of business remains finding your way. The logo’s simple, effective pointer allows drivers to identify the brand's car parks in the blink of an eye. Through warm colors and futuristic typography, the brand's new identity broadcasts the innovative and user-friendly qualities of its services. Seenk also designed a Brand Management Device so that, from London to Montréal to Paris, every Indigo user can enjoy the same experience and feel like home.