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Make the space
great again

The French Empire strikes back

Does CNES mean anything to you? However, it is French Nasa! We are the 3rd world space power. Few know it, and therein lies the problem. The National Center for Space Studies asked us to increase its recognition and embark the French on its adventure. Ready to (re) conquer space? 

We need more space

We needed a story. Kennedy could never have sent the 1st man to the moon without making the conquest of space a desirable breakthrough for the whole country. We searched the archives before realizing that space fascinated us, because it awakens our insatiable thirst for discovery: “we are all explorers”. Curiosity is characteristic of man, only it is up to CNES to awaken him.

To infinity and beyond

We have created a colorful identity to convey the emotions that space can give us. The visuals evoke the science fiction posters that have imprinted our imagination with the desire for adventure. A much more engaging language and a catchy sound identity. French flagship, may the force be with you!

Expansion of the universe

In the CNES galaxy I ask for the website! We have armed the brand with new codes adapted to digital media for a more fluid and lively expression. Each icon, button, video animation is an invitation to explore this magical universe and to discover the odyssey of our French agency and its many activities.